Collab: Meet “Living The Chi Life”

Hey all, it’s Julie here!

As you may know, this blog is part of an ongoing project for a Communications class at Loyola University Chicago. Now, we would like to introduce to you another lovely group from said class: Living The Chi Life


Photo cred: Living The Chi Life

This blog focuses on all things Chicago, from fun events happening around campus to spotlights of interesting happenings and exhibits all over the city!

And this week, we had the fortune to collaborate with these ladies on a visit to a unique local business: Third Coast Comics.


Photo by Julie

This comic store is located in Edgewater and has it all. From a wide selection of superhero comics to other interesting comic-related items such as Simpsons paraphernalia, there is sure to be something there that you can enjoy!


Photo by Julie

For the three years it has been in business, Third Coast is thriving with its classic yet comfy red couches and chairs and various inventory to explore.

We definitely recommend checking this one out!


Jordan from Living The Chi Life and Julie at Third Coast Comics!

Be sure to give us your feedback and FOLLOW Living The Chi Life! Expect to hear more good things about them.

Third Coast Comics

6234 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL 60660

Closed on Mondays


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